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“Yes, I’ve been in contact with him recently.” The blue glow of the monitor highlighted her features which remained impassive as she spoke. “Yes, we spoke of his concerns, but he was advised to take no action.” She rolled her eyes slightly as the verbal battering continued

“I understand.” she said opening a message window on her computer to send another message to the field agents investigating the killings at the police station, advising those in positions to do so to slow the investigation and if possible keep it from pointing at their operative. “Sir, allow me to suggest that this in fact serves our purposes as well as anything else he’s done; people understand now that no one is safe, not even the police.”

She smiled at her monitor. Her employer doubtless realized that very fact, but it was an unwritten rule that a verbal reprimand be delivered for such things. The assistant director was simply following agency protocols.

“Yes sir. I understand, sir.”  she let out a silent sigh wondering when they would be able to move on to new business. “Very well, sir. Consider it handled as of now. Nothing further off script–and if he does, he will be sent down to the minor leagues.”

‘Minor Leagues’ was agency code for making some disappear with a note of finality. It was a shame that they were forced to speak in such a fashion but they never knew who might be listening these days. Even with a supposedly secure telephone line and other electronic countermeasures there was always the chance that one of their sister agencies had developed a new technology that could defeat all their security. Worst of all was the constant fear that someone in one of the sister agencies would go low-tech and use some old trick that all their sophisticated sweeping devices would be unable to counter.

“Yes, sir” she said for what seemed the millionth time since her phone rang an hour ago. She was sure that the dressing down had ended and that she could move on to discuss the rest of the planned activities. “There’s also the matter of party planning to discuss, sir.”

She got the signal, little more than a grunt from the other end of the telephone that indicated she should continue. “I’ve been looking into the entertainment and I’ve found that a couple of the selections previously discussed should be acceptable. However there was at least one case of insufficient funds that was never rectified to the customers satisfaction–” She broke off while the A.D.’s assistant explained to him that  entertainment referred to local television stations that had either refused or complied with their unofficial “requests” to leave certain things out of their news coverage.

One of the local networks —had insufficient funds– outright refused to go along with the plan.

“At present sir, the plan is to refer the matter to their creditors for resolution. We believe that in order for the party to be successful and for everyone to have a good time, that it’s absolutely essential to allow the creditors to handle matters.”

The plan for the entertainment involved having individuals planted within the Occupy movement and a few minor organizations that promoted “social change”, people who appeared to be nothing more than average citizens disrupt the holdout stations ability to broadcast by either burning the station buildings to the ground or to destroy their ability to transmit. She knew it would be much easier by far to allow those embedded in the groups burn down the buildings.  It only took one angry voice with a Molotov in hand to spur a mob to levels of destruction most army’s could only dream about.

She listened to the A.D. as he spoke her brow furrowing slightly in concern, the first time since the call had begun that any emotion had registered on her face without her expressed consent.

“Yes sir, if you think that the best way to proceed.” The A.D. had been, until now willing to allow her and her associates to dictate not only the pace of operations but the direction as well. Apparently having one of her operatives go John Wayne at the police station had prompted the director to take a more active interest. “Understood sir. I’ll contact the delivery company in the morning and have them deliver the paperwork . . .”

The idea of calling in a drone strike to destroy the station’s transmitters was far enough off script that it signaled a potentially dangerous turn for her personally. Being removed from such a prestigious operation would be a career-killer and she had firm plans to be sitting at the top of her little heap when the dust settled.

“I think sir, that perhaps the best way to get our entertainment back on schedule is to combine our efforts. I can have the delivery company produce the paperwork immediately after the creditors have had a chance to voice their grievances.” She allowed her self to frown briefly as she attempted to gauge where she stood in the power elite’s rankings. “Yes sir, I think that would be, by far the most efficacious route.” her face returned to its usual measured neutral. She had lost some standing because of her operatives antics, but it didn’t seem like her place was unrecoverable.

“Will end of business Friday be soon enough? I’ll need time to contact the creditors and update them on our attempt to resolve the dispute. . .” she listened as the A.D. droned on a bit about time tables–all of which she thought she was fully aware of–before he finally consented to the joint strike.

She was ready for the conversation to be over so she could get back to her truly important duties, serving the boss of the man she was speaking to. Dealing with middlemen was such a bore.

“Yes sir. I believe we have the resources and pending agreements with the other entertainers . . . however, we could always have a strongly worded letter delivered to them as well, if you think it’s necessary.” She chewed her lip briefly as she summoned a map from her computer’s memory that showed the geographic locations of all the local television stations transmitters. “Well, from what I’m seeing, sir, it wouldn’t be impossible to get both the creditors and the delivery company to handle them all simultaneously.” She paused hoping the emphasis she placed on the word impossible might convince the A.D. to change his mind.

She hesitated briefly before responding, very uncharacteristic for her she thought. “Yes sir. I’ll get the letter written and have it delivered to all the entertainers by Friday. Thank you, sir. You have a good day as well.”

She hung up the phone and began to mark the locations the drones would need to strike on her computer, recording the coordinates so the drone pilots would know where to put ordnance.

Before making it final and sending out the instructions she decided to put in a call to her true employer or at least one of his more trustworthy assistants and get word to him of the operations change in direction. She picked up the phone and began to dial hoping that she would get a response before Friday.

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